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Craving Food for Thought? “Hungry” Book Club

This book club is for those who want to better understand what needs motivate human behavior, how our virtual environments are impacting our well-being, and how food and lifestyle culture can help mitigate anxiety, facilitate community-building, and help people find purpose—especially as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Meet the winning team of Hack4Food: SquisEat!

The idea that the SquisEat team brought to the Hackathon aims to reduce waste in the transformation phase, where, for reasons of internal expiration and ties with the large-scale retail trade, large quantities of products with still several weeks of residual shelf-life are disposed of, generating costs and sustainability problems.

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How to achieve a thriving World for our future generation?

Future Food Institute brings together representatives of the different parts of our society to reflect on how to improve food security and achieve prosperity in the Sustainable Development Framework. The Round Table will host a discussion between industries, institutions, startups, and youth climate activists.

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