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Mediterraneity, as a set of local and highly contextualized, yet universal, values of the Mediterranean identity, safeguards biological and cultural heritage to develop resilience for the future.

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World Health Day 2021

World Health Day is a worldwide opportunity to focus on key public health issues. In the wake of a pandemic that has brought the entire planet to its knees, talking about health is more relevant than ever.

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Blue gold at risk

On March 22, World Water Day will be celebrated, for the second time, during a pandemic emergency. From a systemic perspective, which is the only one possible when dealing with certain

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Craving Food for Thought? “Hungry” Book Club

This book club is for those who want to better understand what needs motivate human behavior, how our virtual environments are impacting our well-being, and how food and lifestyle culture can help mitigate anxiety, facilitate community-building, and help people find purpose—especially as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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