Nutrition for All

Globally, one in nine is hungry or undernourished. Equally, one in three people is overweight or obese - Global Nutrition Report, 2020

Malnutrition is the largest contributor of disease in the world – FAO

More than 820 million people don’t have enough to eat. Yet, at the same time, no region is exempted from obesity and overweight – FAO, 2020

The Nutrition for All Initiative fosters access to essential nutrients through identification of nutritional gaps and development of nourishing new foods that honor cultural identity.

Nutrition initiative

Closing the nutritional inequality gaps is not just about understanding the differences in nutrition outcomes among different population groups. It also puts attention on the food ecosystems and processes that generate unequal distributions of these outcomes. Achieving Nutrition for all, across all these dimensions, requires our food ecosystem to be completely reshaped. 

In addressing  the above problem statement, these research projects aim to explore the following research question:

What if we could ensure access to (quality) nutrition for all people regardless of their gender, race, or socioeconomic status, without compromising on the livelihoods of (small) farmers and the boundaries of our planet?

Nutrition Unpacked

In partnership with Dole, this co-branded white paper analyzed nutritional inequalities and gaps around the world, in an attempt to become the foundation for an open-source platform. The nutrition gap, the mismatch between the nutrients needed for a healthy diet and the nutrients consumed, can be the result of availability, affordability, access, and/or food choices. The research uncovered four areas of focus that FFI and Dole will explore and share:
  • Social Nutrition
  • Food Generation Gap
  • Hidden Hunger
  • Ecosystem
  • Nutrition research


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