Food Education & Innovation


This is a hybrid session (on-site participation + online viewing). If you wish to attend online, please pre-register via the link below. Organizer: Tokyo Food Institute Venue: CIC Tokyo The Future Food Institute, founded in Italy in 2014, has been creating food innovation since its establishment. The "community" is formed by collaboration with large companies [...]

Digital Food & Climate Shapers Boot Camp


Apply today for the 6th edition of the award-winning Food & Climate Shapers Boot Camp, developed in partnership between the Future Food Institute and FAO. In this 4-week, part-time virtual program, you will learn alongside other like-minded individuals from around the world. Built upon an experiential model that incorporates design thinking, mentorship sessions, live discussions [...]

Regenerative Oceans Boot Camp – Westfjords, Iceland

Discover regenerative oceans, learn about sustainable aquaculture, and explore small scale fisheries in the Future Food and FAO Regenerative Oceans Boot Camp, held in Thingeyri, Iceland. More details available here. 

Mediterranean Edition Boot Camp – Pollica, Italy

Princes Capano Castle

Discover the possibilities for a sustainable future within the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean Diet during the Mediterranean Edition of our Food and Climate Shapers Boot Camp. More than just a list of ingredients, the Mediterranean Diet is a set of knowledge, skills, and traditions that reconnects humanity with the planet that hosts us. Set [...]

Regenerative Kitchens Boot Camp – Pollica, Italy

Princes Capano Castle

Develop the recipes for the future, learn sustainable food preparation and techniques, and discover how to facilitate food behavior change in our Food and Climate Shapers Boot Camp, developed in partnership with T.A.S.T.E Academy and FAO. Set in the hilltop town of Pollica, capital of the Mediterranean Diet, you will learn innovative approaches and mindsets [...]