Climate change is at the end of your fork. 


The Future Food Institute exists to make exponential positive change, to sustainably improve life on earth, through education and innovation in global food systems. 

By training the next generation of change-makers, empowering communities, and engaging government and industry in actionable innovation, Future Food catalyzes progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Food is life, energy, and nourishment. It is the vehicle of values, culture, and identity. Food is sociality. Eating is an essential activity for human beings, but today it requires consciousness and awareness.

reason for being

Food is a universal language that touches every aspect of human lives. But the way we produce, transform, distribute, market, and consume food is no longer sustainable, for human or planetary health. 

We need new models, mindsets, and approaches to tackle our triple crises of climate change, extreme poverty, and diet-related health problems. 

This is where we come in. 

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People. PLanet. prosperity.

Everything is connected; the philosophy behind the Integral Ecology and Prosperity Thinking approaches encapsulates the complexity of global food systems and the unique role that food plays in connecting all things and all people. 

Through our Prosperity Thinking approach, we enable the design of a better food system starting from a shared inclusive idea of prosperity that encompasses not only economic growth but also social and environmental well-being.

what we do

Future Food carries out its mission of transformation through interconnected activities designed to move ideas and people along a progressive journey from initial awareness towards action and implementation.

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partner connection & collaboration

Research & development

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global ecosystem

With offices, Living Labs, Innovation Hubs, and Ambassadors around the world, the Future Food ecosystem is uniquely positioned to connect communities, generate ideas, and inspire action throughout the food system value chain.


Building the future requires learning from the past.

Take a look through Future Food’s knowledge, community, and innovation actions of 2021 in our Annual Report to see how we endeavored to ‘Be The Change.”


Torna in Italia il Premio per il Giornalismo

nell’ambito dell’Innovazione e della Sostenibilità Agroalimentare di EIT Food Per il quarto anno consecutivo, EIT Food premia i giornalisti italiani impegnati a testimoniare storie, volti, visioni e sfide del settore