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Integral Regeneration

Regeneration is either collective, or it simply is not. This is directly linked to the power of integrity, both at the political and individual levels. Need for integrity: In recent

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Infinite Ripples of War

As the world stands by, powerless witness to the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine, the cascading effects have already begun to ripple out impacting global food systems, energy, climate, economies,

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World Pulses Day

Growing, eating, and using pulses have countless benefits. Benefits for the environment, considering their minimal environmental impact and their mitigating action against climate change. But also incredible benefits for humans!

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Re-Wet The Med

Given their value, wetlands require a coordinated integral ecological approach among the Emblematic Communities of the Mediterranean Diet. Humanity in the 21st century has an arduous task to accomplish: trying

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Ocean Accountability

With Expo 2020 Dubai kicking off the Global Goals Week (15th — 22nd January), each of us is called to be the main character in this second year of the Decade of

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