Community Events

Future Food creates and reimagines purpose-driven methods to engage the community, start conversations, and facilitate cohesion towards addressing global food system challenges.

Our network organizes interactive events and activities to strengthen awareness and encourage greater levels of conscious action providing valuable touchpoints within the community and among our partners. 


Virtual relays, bringing together experts, ideas, and the greater community for a digital discussion that passes through multiple geographies. Global marathons are supported through several partnerships to open the dialogue on food system sustainability to the widest possible global audience.


Borrowed from the common practice of software developers in Silicon Valley, Hackathons today are being deployed as powerful innovation tools in myriad contexts. These intensive, time-bound creativity ‘sprints’ are gaining popularity due to four features: Competition, Focus, Collaboration, and Output.
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Maker Faires

Exposition events showcasing individual and small group innovations, Maker Faires have amassed such a following as to now be dubbed a movement. Originally launched through Make magazine, the first was organized to promote a Do-it-yourself mindset and featured exhibits, workshops, and competitions. Today, you can find maker spaces in schools, parks, and co-working facilities around the world, all with the same aim - to facilitate creativity and the potential to make solutions.


Thematic, digital discussions with thought leaders on a range of topics help to generate awareness of critical issues, inspire the global community through innovative solutions, and catalyze involvement and action.

Food Circles

Featuring food system changemakers, these digital events expose the revolutionary work that individuals and organizations are doing to implement actionable change to the wider community.

Testing & Launches

Supporting food innovation design and communication, Future Food organizes targeted consumer testing events to gather data and insights for clients and partners. We also organize launch events for promising, climate-friendly products.

Upcoming EVents

Visit our Events Calendar for the full list of upcoming activities and details on how to register.