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Future Food (FF) has identified eight Research Initiatives as the main challenges, that we, as humanity, need to address to prosper together. 
The initiatives are the training grounds, the vehicle by which we move from intention to the realization of our objectives. 


Each Initiative combines theoretical analysis with concrete multi stakeholder projects, acting as real collaborative platforms. 

Based on “human-centered design,” the Initiatives gather and connect different departments within FF, using our Living Labs to combine ingredients of innovation. But they also weave together external research institutes, institutions, purpose-driven brands, and companies that are willing to join forces for a greener and just transition.  

This is the place for cooperative efforts for good. 

This approach allows mutual support across the Future Food ecosystem, providing case studies, competitive advantage, impact to the Future Food Academy, as well as guidelines, content, and science to the corporate and innovation teams.

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Take a deep dive in to the the latest food sustainability ideas, reflections, and projects by browsing through our comprehensive collection of publications. 


If you are interested in learning more about our Initiatives or collaborating on a project, please contact us via this form. 
We look forward to hearing from you!

Recent initiative insights

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