Humana Communitas

In the next five years, economy will be threatened by social inequality and fragmentation, while in the next 10 years by geopolitical instability. 2021 Global Risks Report (World Economic Forum)

“We have deluded ourselves to stay healthy in a sick Planet.” – Pope Francis, 2020

Monthly suicide rates increased by 16% during Covid second wave (July to October 2020), with a larger increase among females (37% – about 5 times more than the effect in males) and children and adolescents (49%). Nature on Human Behavior, 2021

The Humana Communitas Initiative studies the integral role of food in the evolution of thriving societies and invests in platforms that feed cohesion and compassion between planet and people.

Communitas initiative

We are living in a time of epochal changes, that are leading global society to value again two key pillars of life: health and food.

The global pandemic has suddenly made visible the cracks in an economy-driven globalized culture. Our habits, lifestyles, and social paradigms have been disrupted along with the way we conceive whole economic sectors. All of a sudden, we have realized what exactly means to overcome the planetary boundaries. Widespread infectious diseases and extreme and unpredictable natural phenomena, exacerbated by global warming, accelerate drastic morphological transformations of the territory, while worsening food and water insecurity. On top of that, there is the demographic factor: a growing population that by 2050 will eat, drink, and consume more natural resources, while today we already struggle to satisfy globally basic needs.

Empowering the Humana Communitas means empowering a purpose-driven society that gathers around common values of collaboration, cohesion, commonality, in the respect of Nature.

Good After Covid-19

In partnership with Franklin University (Switzerland) and Reboot the Future, the Good After Covid 19 was a spontaneous movement of free thinkers who came together in the need to start a conversation beyond any brands, organizations, or backgrounds, to reflect on the changes taking place and select the themes that will be protagonists of a better future after Covid.

Through the series, Future Food worked to develop a Manifesto of Values for a New Green Marshall type plan. 

integral human development

The collaboration with the Vatican Dicastery for the Service of Integral Human Development  aims to accelerate a necessary ecological transition that will bring prosperity to individuals, communities, the environment and consequently economies. Educating to biodiversity, territoriality, culture, diversity, values, starting from common needs are political urgencies, as well as human and environmental priorities, that are needed to create a new system: more inclusive, fair and just for all.

Humana Communitas research

Ensuring ethics in the digital transition

Digital experiences and artificial intelligence play a central role in daily post-modern life. Today algorithms lead the new frontiers of medicine, guide financial decisions on domestic and international levels, foster

Peace: The Foundation of Sustainable Development

Among the five Ps included in the Preamble of the 2030 Agenda, three have gained particular attention in recent years: People: promoting equality, human dignity, equity, and universal human rights that continue

Infinite Ripples of War

As the world stands by, powerless witness to the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine, the cascading effects have already begun to ripple out impacting global food systems, energy, climate, economies,