Regeneration Thematic Tracks


Regeneration goes beyond sustainability. It is the re-enlivenment of degraded relationships at large, touching natural ecosystems, social fabric, and individuals.

In addition to the core Boot Camp content, developed by Future Food Institute and FAO, and based on ecosystemic and prosperity thinking approaches, each Boot Camp also focuses on one more regeneration thematic tracks. 

These allow participants to take a deep-dive into content that is relevant and connected with a specific Boot Camp location. 

Digital Boot Camps include all four tracks with participants able to select which tracks they are most interested in. 

Thematic Tracks

With urban populations growing, cities of the future need to leverage data and technology to ensure food accessibility, responsible use and production of food, increased water efficiency, reduction of food waste, and improved nutrition with fewer resources. 

Farmers of the future will be asked to produce more food with less water, less land, less food loss, less soil degradation, and less pollution. Regenerative practices, increased biodiversity, fair pricing, and innovative technologies will be essential to meeting these demands. 

Regenerative kitchens use ingredients from sustainable sources, empowering farmers and feeders. They seek to reduce food waste through both traditional and innovative techniques and recipes. And they facilitate behavior change in homes and culinary institutions using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. 

The health of our oceans is critical to food security, carbon storage, oxygen generation, and global temperatures. We urgently need nature-based solutions to protect and conserve these invaluable, life-sustaining bodies not only for the coastal communities that depend on them, but also for the sake of global society.