Prosperity Thinking

Prosperity Thinking

Prosperity thinking is a methodological approach to designing a world that fulfills all its beings’ needs within the planet’s ecological means.

It aims to enable the design of a better food system starting from a shared inclusive idea of prosperity that encompasses not only economic growth but also social and environmental well-being. As an evolution of Design Thinking, this approach goes beyond user-centered design to human and planet-centered growth.

the Process

The core evolution of design thinking to prosperity thinking is demonstrated in the way challenges are reframed. In the discovery phase, participants are asked to analyze a planet crisis revealing the human needs that drove us beyond a specific planetary boundary.

Participants then create a “how-we-might” statement that embeds the planets’ means next to the human needs. Once this ‘green zone of innovation’ has been set, creativity is unleashed.

We ideate, co-design, prototype, and test with contextual stakeholder communities. These stakeholders become ambassadors of prosperity-driven innovation, expanding a prosperity innovator’s role into that of a systemic change-agent, linking the micro and the macro.

Chosen prototypes go through an impact analysis reflection to minimize or eliminate any long-term negative repercussions. This step helps us innovate for sustainable long-term systemic solutions.

Systems Thinking

An approach that identifies the interaction between different elements of a system (e.g. city, society, sector, etc.) and ensures that they deliver more than the sum of their parts.


How might we enable [Actor]

to [need/goal]

while [planetary need / boundary / pain]?

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