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In collaboration with our project partner Tokyo Tatemono, Future Food is building a sustainable food ecosystem in the Kyobashi area of Tokyo known as Kyobashi Living Lab. 

Through a series of interactive and impact-focused programs and activities, we strive to build a dynamic community comprised of individuals, organizations, and companies committed to sustainably improving food systems in Tokyo and beyond. 

Tokyo as a whole, and in particular the Kyobashi area, has a rich food and cultural history. We aim to highlight and support this history while also embracing innovation and the future of food via global exposure and local interaction.

Kyobashi Living Lab Venues

Tokyo Food Lab

A creative bridge between food tech and science, and the central hub for our activities, Tokyo Food Lab is a collaborative space to explore, test, and improve the future of food.

Suiba Kitchen Studio

Two floors, full test kitchen and open space for market validation and testing, R&D, product demos, building awareness, and more. 

City Lab Tokyo

Conference room for press releases, large scale meetings and seminars. Also serves as a perfect co-working space with related material for individual and group work. 

What We Do

Our programming focuses on a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to: urban farming, fermentation, food waste solutions and rural revitalization projects. We invite a variety of change-makers in the food world to join our ecosystem – everyone from chefs and restaurateurs to students, farmers, food entrepreneurs and more.

Future Food Japan organizes speaking panels, immersive boot camps, open format discussions, workshops, interactive dining occasions as well as a variety of innovative green markets in the Tokyo Square Garden plaza.

What's new 

Building the future requires learning from the past

Take a look through the inspirational moments, experiential learning and ecosystemic actions in our Japan Food & Climate Shapers Boot Camp Report to see how we strived to regenerate the Japanese food ecosystems.

Boot Camp at a glance

Kyobashi Living Lab News

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