From Pollica to Okinawa

When Education and Innovation Are In Service To The Community.

“All the organizing is science fiction. When organizers imagine a world without poverty, without war, without borders or prisons — that’s science fiction. They’re moving beyond the boundaries of what is possible or realistic, into the realm of what we are told is impossible. Being able to collectively dream these new worlds means that we can begin to create those new worlds here.” Walidah Imarisha, 2015

It is now clear to anyone that if we really want to continue to prosper as a global society and ensure the right of life to future generations, we need to drastically reverse the current patterns of development. It requires an effort in creativity to design today the future we would like to live in tomorrow.

Embracing a model of Integral Ecological Regeneration is crucial for everybody: individuals, communities, villages, and megalopolises. It means finding the right balance between different dimensions of life, to think and act in a systematic way, orienting all our actions towards the creation of inclusive prosperity.

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