water safety & security

700 million people worldwide at risk of displacement by intense water scarcity by 2030 - UN Water

In Italy, 47.9% of water withdrawn does not reach end users due to obsolescence of water infrastructures, while 36% of Italian households experience irregularity in the water supply throughout the year. – ISTAT, 2020

13 EU States are already affected by desertification – European Commission’s World Atlas of Desertification

The Water Safety and Security Initiative generates understanding of water scarcity and enables water sustainability through efficiency projects.

Water initiative

The “Blue Gold” is an essential resource for our own survival, including food production, and the entire ecosystem on Earth. However, water over consumption, waste, unsustainable food choices and habits, and inefficient water management in many countries, Italy included, highlight the urgency of ensuring more conscious use of this scarce resource, both from the consumer and food producer perspectives. This Initiative starts from the desire to better protect a resource with such a high environmental, social, and economic value, given the increasing desertification and the risks for national crops to be produced.

water in our hands

With Italian aquifers in danger of depletion due to climate change, Future Food partnered with Finish, National Geographic, the Municipality of Etna, Spazio Europa, FAI, and Bosch to promote the sustainable use of water resources and disseminate innovative and efficient irrigation techniques. 

The final aim is to save 100 million liters of water to protect the Italian agri-food heritage, beginning with the citrus fruit from Etna, which has been recognized as a protected geographical area since 2020. 

Spreading Knowledge at School

Changes in the food system can only come from education. 

Through Hackathons in the schools, Food Conversations and Convivium labs, Future Food is working with and for experiential education to promote healthy lifestyles and sustainable practices. 

Water Safety & Security events

Water: Between Emergency & restart

The 25th edition of the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, the Future Food Institute, together with the Water Authority of Campania and the Municipality of Pollica organized a virtual summit called "Water, between emergency and restart - biodiversity at risk and urgent policy solutions for a climate smart economy," focused on the dramatic effects (ranging from the loss of biodiversity to the impoverishment of agricultural land and the increase of erosion) caused by drought and increasing desertification in the south of Italy. The summit also saw the signature of a collaboration agreement - identified by the acronym "CLUSTER - Clever Use of Water" - focused on intelligent uses of water, research, promotion and education related to water saving, and testing of technological solutions.

The Blue Gold: Between Waste & Scarcity

The online project Good for Food, organized by Fondazione Golinelli, is part of the promotion of healthy lifestyles and protection of health and the environment that the Municipality of Bologna carries out together with the manager of the school lunch service Ribò | Camst group. Targeted to teachers based in Bologna, the conversation involved the Water Grabbing Observatory and Future Food Institute (Erika Solimeo, Department of Research Initiatives and Sara Roversi - founder of the Future Food Institute - moderating the conversation).

Water Safety & Security research

Ocean Accountability

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