Regenerative Farms

Food production is the sector that relies the most on natural resources, but it is also the main culprit of environmental degradation.

Agriculture is the foundation of food production and agro-ecosystems represent a direct link between nature and humanity. But, the increasing challenges climate-related extreme weather events, health pandemics, anthropogenic impacts, and future population growth stress the need for preserving natural resources.

Farmers of the future will be asked to produce more food with less water, less soil, less food loss and waste, and less pollution.

Regenerative Farms Learning Objectives

  • Food security
  • Regulate harvesting
  • Reduce food loss
  • Increase water-use efficiency
  • Value creation
  • Improve land and soil quality
  • Increase biodiversity
  • Fair pricing
  • Halt deforestation
  • Price volatility
  • Course Modules

    The course modules in the Regenerative Farms track are addressed through masterclasses and live conversations with experts in the field. The masterclasses are live sessions or thematic videos recorded by experts and provide a general overview of the topics. The current situation and future challenges are further explored and identified.

    Open Conversations

    Our open conversations between Future Food and experts dig deeper into thematic topics. Content focuses on sharing insights from daily practice, discoveries, and future solutions. These live sessions are interactive with the possibility to ask questions.

    Climate-Smart Agriculture

    Containing the expansion of arable land and reducing water stress, particularly in regions where these resources are already overused, represents a major challenge for farms of the future, that have to ensure food security to a growing global population.

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    Guest speakers

    Anne Mottet

    Livestock Development Officer, FAO

    Arshiya Noorani

    Agriculture Officer (Plant Genetic Resources), FAO

    Caio Bacci

    Project Manager for Digital Innovation Accelerator, KWS Group

    Carolina Olivera Sanchez

    International Consultant (Soil Management), FAO

    Daniel Repuri & Hatim Morbiwala

    Research Analysts, VeggieTech

    Emilio Sessa

    MBA Engineering, Carbon Credit Consulting

    Haekoo Kim

    Agriculture Officer (Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers), FAO

    Hannes Dempewolf

    Senior Scientist & Head of Global Initiatives, Crop Trust

    Paula Costa & Valter Ziantoni

    Julie Belanger

    Technical Officer, Biodiversity and Environment, FAO

    *Guests vary depending on the program location and timing, however this list will give you an idea of the type of speakers involved in the Climate-Smart Farms track. 

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