Developing agricultural techniques able to save natural resources is not a challenge limited to poor agricultural countries nor a problem reserved for agricultural producer countries. Producing more food efficiently represents a critical global challenge for the future.

[Water]: Almost half of the water used for irrigation comes from groundwater. These are extremely delicate ecosystems still too little understood and overexploited. In 40 years, the rate of groundwater depletion has doubled.

[Climate & Earth Regeneration]: Traditional and intensive agricultural practices are major responsible for land use, land degradation, and excessive use of pesticides.

Participants can gain an overview of the benefits and approaches characterising precision agriculture, with a specific focus on improved irrigation in water-stressed countries, aeroponic and other techniques that allow growing plants without the use of soil. Remote sensing, drones, big data, agribot, IoT solutions are all topics that will be developed to increase food, water, and energy efficiency. Attendees will be able to critically examine the information learnt to empower food security.