The road towards new forms of diplomacy: the power of food to healing human relationships

When the values of the Mediterranean Diet meet with care for human beings and sound diplomatic commitment, magic can happen, regardless of delicate and dramatic contexts.

That is exactly what has occurred over the past few days in Pollica. The perfect example and manifestation of the concept of integral ecology, where together with the Mayor of the Municipality of Pollica, Stefano Pisani, Founder of Mygrants, Chris Richmond Nzi, and I, representing the Future Food Institute, have signed an official declaration of intent to provide a safe place to live, train, and work for Ukrainian refugees.

Starting from the most basic and humble of resources — food — the project aims to lift some of the heavy burdens from these displaced families and provide them with the resources they need for a fresh, and peaceful start.

We have always believed in the healing power of food.

Food is at first an act of love and abundance that Nature continues to offer to humankind.

Food is an act of care because it takes time and experience, coming from the hands of respectful farmers.

Food is a universal language that is able to unite people regardless of any geographical, cultural, or religious background.

Food is the most powerful answer to war and oppression by giving the world back comfort, healing, and attention.

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