Regenerative Oceans

As climate change is weakening the state of oceans and their marine life, the pivotal ecosystem services they provide are also threatened: food security, carbon storage, high-quality nutrition, and oxygen generation.

Supporting nature-based solutions to climate change adaptation, increasing the efforts to protect and conserve the marine life and reducing anthropogenic water contamination are urgent not only to increase the resilience of coastal communities but also to restore the natural mitigation role of oceans, for the sake of the global society.

Regenerative oceans Learning Objectives

  • End overfishing
  • Differential treatment
  • Value creation
  • Sustainable management of aquaculture
  • Sustainable use of marine resources
  • Access small-scale fisheries
  • Course Modules

    The course modules in the Regenerative Oceans track are addressed through masterclasses and live conversations with experts in the field. The masterclasses are live sessions or thematic videos recorded by experts and provide a general overview of the topics. The current situation and future challenges are further explored and identified.

    Resilient Communities

    Each food has a different ecological footprint. This means that through our food choices and diets, we can contribute to worsen or mitigate the effects of climate change.

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    Open Conversations

    Our open conversations between Future Food and experts dig deeper into thematic topics. Content focuses on sharing insights from daily practice, discoveries, and future solutions. These live sessions are interactive with the possibility to ask questions.

    Small-Scale Fisheries

    Fish consumption is at the basis of nutrition in coastal and small island developing states. On average, one billion people, living mainly in developing countries, depend on fish as their primary source of proteins.

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    Vertical Farming – Oceans

    Sustainable management, conservation, and restoration marine ecosystems is vital to support the oceans’ functions of carbon sequestration and other ecosystem services on which people depend. This includes food security, water efficiency, and coastal management.

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    Guest speakers

    Dr. Alessio Adamiano

    ISTEC, phos-FATE

    Carsten Krome

    Managing Partner, Hatch

    Deeleena Bhattacharjee

    CEO & Founder, Numer8 Analytics

    Ganesh Nakhawa

    Director, Karanja Fishing Cooperative Society; Founder, Blucatch

    Justin Brown

    Founder, Overseas Environmental; Biologist, Eldey Aqua

    Liane Thompson

    CEO & Founder, aquaai

    Kristen Lowitt

    Myron Mendes

    Communication & Community Relations Manager, INECC

    Roderick Sloan

    Founder, Arctic Caviar; Sales Director Europe, Statsnail AS

    *Guests vary depending on the program location and timing, however this list will give you an idea of the type of speakers involved in the Regenerative Oceans track. 

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