Westfjords Boot Camp

25 August – 2 September, 2022

Discover Regenerative Oceans full of innovation collected by the Ocean Cluster and a strong community that is reshaping its behavior to change the way it relates to the blue economy.

The importance of the oceans in the global climate cannot be overstated. Oceans are by far the largest carbon sink in the world. According to World Watch, algae, coral and ocean vegetation store around 93% of carbon dioxide. Oceans also absorb an overwhelming portion of our planet’s excess heat. As greenhouse gases and atmospheric heat increase, growing pressure is placed on our oceans to pick up the slack. Furthermore oceans provide an ideal environment for the production of nutritious foods.




Investigate and reflect on sustainability issues, with a focus on regenerative oceans and resilient communities, at both the local and global levels, with sector experts including representatives from international agencies (FAO, European Union, PRIMA Foundation, GFAR, etc.), academia, chefs, and activists.



Observe the sustainable fishing practices and innovative approaches used and listen to the story of the community of Westfjords. You will participate in local discoveries to actively understand the environment: go and recover nets with local fishermen and understand the changes as a result of the melting glaciers.



Transfer your knowledge into practice and become a climate shaper. At the end of the week you will take part in our two-day Hackathon to apply your ideas and solve real world problems with your team giving back solutions to the community hosting us!


  • Positive stories in action – People are suffering from ‘Climate Exhaustion’ which stops them from making changes as frustration and anxiety take over. In this Boot Camp, startuppers, thinkers, and doers will re-inspire you to take action!
  • A Boot Camp for the community –We are deeply convinced that community and networks are fundamental in achieving food sustainability. We put SDG 17 “Partnerships for the goals” at the very center of our activities. Only through the sharing of knowledge, can we help each other and build a stronger and more connected community.
  • Have your ever thought about…? – The richness of our Boot Camps relies on the variety of the content and the field of expertise of our participants. This thriving environment will help you find surprising new stimuli and connections to address climate change with more creative and unexpected solutions.
  • Welcome to Iceland

    The importance of the ocean to global climate cannot be underestimated.

    Oceans absorb a significant amount of carbon and an overwhelming portion of the excess heat. A warmer atmosphere and increasing concentration of greenhouse gases nevertheless exert enormous pressure on the ocean’s ability to regulate the climate (source: UNESCO).

    Iceland is the ideal destination to study Regenerative Ocean issues, bustling with innovation collected by the Ocean Cluster and a strong community that is fostering new mindsets to change the way it relates to the blue economy.

    Iceland has also marked its first-ever loss of a glacier to climate change, as scientists warn that hundreds of other ice sheets on the subarctic island risk the same fate.

    As the world recently marked the warmest July (in 2019) ever on record, a bronze plaque was mounted on a bare rock in a ceremony on the barren terrain once covered by the Okjokull glacier in western Iceland.

    Curriculum & Learning Platform

    The Boot Camp is based on an experiential learning approach that allows participants to engage in an international workshop environment comprised of live experiences, challenges, prototyping exercises, teamwork-based innovation challenges, mentorship sessions, and inspirational talks presented by visionary entrepreneurs, policymakers, innovators, and thought leaders. Meet the instructors and mentors. 

    Regenerative Oceans Track

    End overfishing

    Differential treatment

    Value creation

    Sustainable management of aquaculture

    Sustainable use of marine resources

    Access small-scale fisheries

    Learn more

    Cross-Curricular Food Shot

    This experiential learning platform enables talented, purpose-driven individuals to optimize their specific food interventions to first, positively impact the five Food Shot areas, identified by the Google Food Team, and ultimately the food-related SDGs.

    • ENABLE individuals to make personal, informed food choices for sustainable lifestyles
    • SHIFT diets
    • ENHANCE food (systems) transparency
    • REDUCE loss and waste in food systems
    • ACCELERATE the transition to a circular food economy


    Our Climate Shapers are SEEDERS, talented and charismatic individuals, driving dialogue and change: 

    • SEEING the challenges of current systems that accelerate climate change and chronic diseases; 
    • ENVISIONING what needs to be done to improve these systems as a part of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s); 
    • ENGAGING with people and organizations in their own environments to start making change; 
    • DOING a pledge to stay actively involved.

    Learn more about Boot Camp ‘Climate Shapers.’ 


    All sessions are conducted in English. Participants must have adequate English proficiency to follow sessions and contribute to discussions and projects. 

    Boot Camp “Climate Shapers” are selected through an application process consisting of: 

    • Online application form
    • Brief personal statement of 250 words (within application form)
    • Current CV
    • Interview


    In addition to an enriching experience, knowledge, and skills, participants who successfully complete the boot camp, and all related activities, will earn a Climate Shaper certificate, from Future Food Institute and FAO elearning academy. This certificate can be displayed on your social media profiles and included in your CV. 

    Beyond the certificate of completion, Climate Shapers will also have access to the Future Food Alumni network, including invitation to exclusive events and further opportunities for involvement in food transformation initiatives. 


    The regular Boot Camp participation fee is 1,850.00 euro. 

    This includes tuition, prototyping materials, and workshops. 

    If you are applying as part of a company the fee per person is 2,500.00 euro. 

    If you are a student, an alumnus/a of FIP, FFI/FAO boot camp, FF/YTA, or applying as part of an NGO, a startup, or a non-profit organization, you are entitled to the reduced fee of 975.00 euro.

    Frequently ASked Questions

    The boot camp is a full time – intensive program scheduled from August 25th to September 2nd, 2022. In addition to the training sessions, the schedule includes three community events/dinners and a Hackathon involving the local stakeholders.  Lessons ends at 2:00pm on the last day of the program.

    We suggest that you use a credit card or PayPal. If you are unable to pay with a credit card you can pay via bank transfer. However, if we don’t receive your payment within 7 days, your workshop bookings will be canceled to give your space to another participant.

    Yes, we offer a reduced fee for people belonging to an NGO, a startup or a non-profit organization. If you are eligible for this fee, please check the box in the application form. Please note that we may ask you for proof of your eligibility.

    All Boot Camp sessions are conducted in English. Participants must have minimum English proficiency to follow along and participate in discussions. 

    Transportation to Boot Camp activities will be coordinated by Future Food. 

    Upon admission to the program, Future Food will send you a questionnaire to inquire about your accommodation preferences. 

    Upon admission to the program, you will be sent a questionnaire which will ask about any dietary restrictions. 

    Ready to become a Climate Shaper?

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