Raisina Dialogue: an “expanded Mediterranean model”

and an integral ecological approach are necessary

The most important meeting on geopolitics and geoeconomics is in New Delhi, India. The Raisina Dialogue will end on March 4, inaugurated yesterday by Indian Prime Minister Modi and Premier Giorgia Meloni.

An event that fits into the groove of the G20, of which India itself holds the presidency from December 1, 2022, to November 30, 2023.

Italy plays a crucial strategic role, explicitly concerning the themes of energy, the Mediterranean, water, and sustainable development, within a relational framework that accounts for ~15 billion euros, that will be doubled in two years, and that goes beyond the bilateral trade relationship, creating a bridge for what has been called an “enlarged Mediterranean.” This happens within the perfect storm of climate, energy, humanitarian, environmental, economic, financial, health, and institutional crises.

This was also stressed today at the summit by Elisabetta Belloni, Director General of the Department of Information for Security (DIS) at the Prime Minister’s Office, who outlined that it is “impossible to separate economic and sustainable development scenarios from the current international context, at all strategic levels. The relationship between development and security is crucial and bilateral. Addressing it requires highlighting the priority of common interest among countries, including the climate crisis, energy, health, food security, training, and education.”

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