Raisina Dialogue: the role of Italy in the enlarged Mediterranean.

 From the soft power of the Mediterranean Diet to the bridge of peace between peoples.

The Raisina Dialogue, the geopolitical forum, in collaboration with the G20, that brought together 250 decision-makers, including Tony Blair, ministers, heads of state, and experts from around the world, concluded in New Delhi, India.

Among the themes that emerged at the forum was that of the “enlarged Mediterranean,” as Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni also called it, emphasizing the “connection between the Mediterranean and the Indo-Pacific,” and pointing out that the Italy-India axis, which celebrates 75 years of bilateral relations this year, can be further strategic for “cooperation in areas such as renewables and hydrogen, telecommunications, and space.”

We are therefore entering a new era. One in which we have the opportunity, and the duty, to further strengthen the ultimate root of our identity, culture, the historical matrix, and the soft power of Made in Italy, which is undoubtedly connoted by being Mediterranean.

“I am Mediterranean,” I wrote in the last issue of my column in Gusto. “I am Mediterranean” is an ode to the identity of a multi-ethnic people united in diversity and appearance to principles and values that combine to create the most essential soft power for our country. I am Mediterranean as an ode to the culture with historical roots and the origin of life.

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