Fighting food loss and waste. The magic power of mayors and citizens is food diplomacy.

From the very beginning, important decisions have always been made around the table. Aristotle too, in one of his most important books, stressed the importance of commensality to strengthen solidarity and commonality within the society, creating bonds like those within a family.

Although things were not perfect at the time, we continue to benefit from many insights that date back hundreds of years: the basis of our current legal system, which is modeled on that of Roman law; aqueducts, which are by far the symbol of absolute efficiency and respect for the territory; and sustainable methods of agricultural production, such as those characterizing the Mediterranean Diet.

This was possible because food is one of the most powerful tools of intercultural understanding. It fosters idea exchange and mutual cooperation and provides strong diplomatic leverage.

Today we have lost much of the meaning behind meal sharing, both in our daily lives and in our decision-making, with massive repercussions.

Our current detachment from food has led us to totally debase its value.

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