Reset and Restart: #Goodaftercovid19

Reset and Restart: #Goodaftercovid19

Do you feel the need and urgency to start imagining how and why the world will be different and better after COVID-19? The coronavirus has placed us in front of a new world. Part of this world matches a paradoxically positive futuristic scenario. A scenario that has already been considered and that today is reality. The rapid pace of the contagion signals the rapid pace at which humanity needs to change. Suddenly, some ideals, that in theory were to be aimed at in the medium and long term, have become the reality of the present. While the economy cries, the planet enjoys this unprecedented graceful time in Earth’s history!

  • What if this is the ordeal we have to go through to force us to jump into a new world?
  • Is our generation “educated” on danger or do we just have to try to analyze our dynamics of “concern”?
  • What if this calamity had dramatically accelerated our ability to react to inevitable changes?
  • What if this epidemic also wiped out the “we’ve always done it this way” that is opposed today to adapting to new balances?
  • What if within this evil, there was an indirect Darwinian effect capable of dividing those who know how to change and those who are more vulnerable and should not be left behind?

As a result of this global shock, we now have a blank sheet of paper on which we can write a new story. Reset and restart. We were not ready, but – together – we will be there! Join and listen HERE  40 global thought leaders building up together an inspiring new narrative for our world after COVID-19 will be gone. We can make it our drawing board and it is our shared responsibility to get it started!

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Nothing will be the same, everything can and should be better!