Hacking a Pandemic: Boma Covid-19 Summit

Hacking a Pandemic: Boma Covid-19 Summit

Viruses do not respect borders. In order to contain COVID-19, we must come together as a global community.

Boma has called a worldwide conversation to identify the best ideas, innovations, and solutions to eradicate this pandemic locally — and globally.

The Boma COVID-19 Summit has brought together 60 speakers in 20 countries from a wide range of disciplines, including health experts, policymakers and business leaders for more than 20 hours of debate and discussion related to the virus. This virtual summit itself is a model for a new kind of collaboration. It has been organized by 10 moderators around the world who have curated a program with experts who will participate from a home, office, school or hospital using technology provided by Zoom.

They have interacted with each other and with the worldwide audience participating through Facebook Live. Our Sara Roversi was the only Italian speaker and she was part of the second session, dedicated to the “Food Systems” with Daniel Goldman De Kai Azby Brown, David Saladik, Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Guy Philippe, Tia Kansara and Jhon Amari.

During her speech, she has introduced the challenges that the food systems have to tackle in the current global health landscape and the main inspirations that will let them build a more resilient and regenerative future.

The video of her session is available HERE.