Have a bite of culinary arts with Dutch master chef Angélique Schmeinck

Have a bite of a culinary live performance based on the composition of an edible painting – Dutch master chef Angélique Schmeinck employs the palette of the palate in full creative color!

Using the scent of inspiration and the taste of creativity to whet your appetite, the Scuderia FF Urban Coolab audience is treated to a show that caresses all the senses with a single stroke of the brush. Angélique takes you along on a flavour trip around the globe while she creates a painting to feast your eyes on, made up of the most mouth-watering gourmet ingredients you can imagine – and more besides.

Always out to stretch the boundaries of cuisine, this top-level Dutch star chef challenges you to leave your savoury comfort zones behind and enter a brave new world of creative appetites. 

As Angélique finishes her painting, you are invited to put your new perspective on the banquet of your imagination to the test, as the audience gets to sink their teeth in the delights that result. Feast your eyes on new flavour horizons and treat yourself to a taste of creative inspiration that is bound to linger on long after you finish your artful meal.

Be Part of Future Food Art Night, tickets available HERE

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