The paradox of being an Omnivore

Human beings are generally omnivores, and the fact that some of them choose to be vegetarians or vegans emphasizes the fact that the food we eat constitutes an important part of our individual identity. According to Professor Claude Fischler, a leading researcher and well known figure in Food Anthropology, as omnivores we need to innovate continuously when it comes to our relationship with food, however, we are also naturally afraid of novelty.
Fischler will be unveiling the features of how we relate to our food to the FIP students, and how this relationship can potentially revolutionize our experience of this planet, in more ways than one. Yes, food is that powerful, and has always been and always will be.
Additionally the upcoming #FoodIsAConversation will bring these brilliant insights to an open discussion at le Scuderie prior to an innovative aperitivo, so we can internalize this new knowledge in a different way.
Fischler is also a member of the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable food systems IPES Food.
Tickets for the Food is a Conversation is available HERE

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