G7 University Udine: Education for all

The fact that you are reading these words from your computer or phone is a simple reminder of how much the education you have received has influenced your life. How would your life have been without this kind of education? Instead of answering this question, dear reader, we invite you to think how many lives can change to the better through education that inspires curiosity and the desire to learn by doing, rather than the outdated teaching models.
There can be no sustainable development without education, and with this awareness the G7 high level meeting took place in the city of Udine. More than 150 university deans came from G7 member state as well as young talents who won the YounG7 contest. Participants in this event showcased novel methods for learning, new tools for gaining knowledge and channels for implementing this knowledge. In a time where global citizenship is an indisputable reality, education is a key action for the prosperous future we seek.
At FFI education is the most impactful approach to inspire and raise awareness about the possibilities and challenges within the food system. In Udine we presented our unique experiential learning experience: the  Food Innovation Global mission, where our master students made 16 stops in global food innovation hotspots and experienced the collission between innovation and tradition in these cities. This precious knowledge that they brought back to Reggio Emilia was an important element for their design challenges where the students will come up with disruptive new ideas within the food sector.
Inspiration, Intelligent design and innovation may sound like buzzwords, but with the right education they become powerful keywords.

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