Sara Roversi



“Food is a global language and a driver for global economic prosperity. Food is also a catalyst for change. So how do we face the urgent issues of creating a more sustainable future of food while understanding technology’s role in closing the gaps in our food system? The key is knowledge and education, the cornerstones of innovation.”

Sara is an author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and activist. As a public figure in the field of food sustainability, she leads conference panels, serves on advisory boards or governmental taskforce groups, gives keynotes, and provides commentary on related policy and initiatives.

She has been a serial entrepreneur since 2003, formulating multiple for and not-for-profit ventures. In 2010, Sara shifted her focus on sustainable food systems to increase awareness and understanding through education, research projects, and innovation challenges.

Today, she leads the globally expanding Future Food ecosystem in the development and implementation of strategic activity to catalyze transition towards more sustainable food systems. 

In addition to her responsibilities with Future Food, she also serves as a director of the Food Innovation Master’s Program (University of Bologna), as well as:

  • Partner and Board Member of the Food For Climate League
  • Member of the Google Food Lab
  • Board member of CAAB (Agri-Food Center of Bologna)
  • Member of the Energy, Sustainability & Climate taskforce at B20 Saudi Arabia; Sustainable Food System Task Forces, B20 Argentina; SME Dev Task Forces, B20 China and Germany
  • Member of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance

Sara loves connecting and working with people and organizations on food systems transformation, climate actions, the future of education, food diplomacy, entrepreneurship, leadership, and radical change.

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