Combining 'hack' and 'marathon,' Hackathons are time-bound, creativity sprints focused on generating novel solutions to a specific topic or challenge.

Supported by preliminary training in systems and prosperity thinking, the hackathon events involve best practices, innovative ideas, and an entrepreneurial spirit to research, ideate, prototype, and deliver a solution to the provided challenge.

“Collaboration sparks innovation, and at the Future Food Institute, we support entrepreneurship and celebrate the process of turning creative concepts into opportunities for real action.”

Sara Roversi, Founder and President, Future Food Institute

Collaboration Mindset

The intense hackathon format fosters the transition from competition to collaboration facilitating active engagement and listening, reframing joint ideas, and unlocking innovation. 

Through the event, participants show genuine curiosity, proposing creative solutions and more freely brainstorming and sharing ideas. 

Past Hackathons

Cosmopolites Hackathon

A project that began with 26,000 high school students from across Italy culminated in a 500 person Hackathon focused on eight critical issues affecting lives in Italy.

Hack4Food to Feed the Future

The Hack4Food initiative has the goal of stimulating the development of innovative solutions, based on the application of digital technologies to tackle the most crucial issues that have emerged in the global pandemic in the Emilia-Romagna agrifood sector.

Hack for SDGs

FAO, Future Food, and The Foundation for the Partnership on Research and the PRIMA Foundation, jointly organized an 10-day, international Hackathon on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to generate innovative solutions and ideas to face the global challenges, receiving more than 100 applications.

Feeding the Future

Collaborative event with Food Techies Finland, What The Quack, and FinestNinja, gathered people from Finland and around the world to find the answer to some important questions: What will the FUTURE OF FOOD look like after Covid-19? What kind of problems will we face with our food supply? What can we do now and in the future to mitigate those problems?


A special hackathon, animated by the participation of high school talents, mentors from the world of research and communication ,and organized with the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. The focus? Rethinking food production and consumption to prevent risks and problems of climate change.

Chocothon: Hacking Sustainable Chocolate

Chocothon was a sustainable innovation initiative that aimed to empower and connect cocoa farmers, creating new opportunities for them and other value chain stakeholders in cocoa production. It was conceived and presented by the Google Food Lab, Future Food Institute, the Trade for Sustainable Development, and the Business School Lausanne.

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