RegenerAction Of The Sea Goes Through The Protection Of Its Custodians

Preserving the Mediterranean marine ecosystem, diversifying fishing models, countering the depletion of fish stocks, preventing seabed and habitat degradation, but also preserving traditional knowledge, encouraging cooperation including in research, protecting the rights of fishermen, especially responsible small-scale fishermen, and promoting responsible fishing. These are just some of the general principles included within the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, adopted by FAO at its 1995 conference.

A warning that, after more than two decades, still struggles to be translated into reality, highlighting the clear distance between ambition and concrete action.

It matters little that we are in the Decade of Oceans, launched to promote marine research and the sustainable development of our seas, in the Decade of Family Farming, in which the families of fishermen and aquaculturists also find a place, or that this year is the year that the United Nations dedicates to artisanal fishing and aquaculture if we do not give voice and listen to those who, every day, live the difficulties of an increasingly compromised fishing sector: fishermen.

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