The Power of Youth. Hacking for Good!

Yesterday ended the COSMOPOLITES Hackathon.

We started in September with 26,000 young people aged 16 to 18 years from across Italy. The final hackathon included 500 young people, and their incredible ideas, competing on solutions to eight important issues.
One of the most exciting moments of the past few months!
In their stories, we found the magnificent richness of Italian biodiversity.
In their projects, skills, and questions we witnessed their desire to understand the complexity of our world and to be part of the change. And in their eyes we saw the future!
We will carry all this in our hearts and it will give us the strength to continue and re- BUILD!

A very very big thank you:

to the fellow travelers who shared with us this wonderful experience of the Future Food Institute and the organization “Amore Per il Sapere”;
to the patient and brave professors who accompanied the kids in this adventure;
to all the partners who made this initiative possible;
to the experts, mentors, scientists, managers, entrepreneurs, professors and poets who lit our way;
to those who will continue with us on this path, European Ambassador, in Italy Antonio Parenti and Stefano Pisani, Mayon of Pollica International Capital of Mediterranean Diet.

The winning teams will be celebrated by our partner, the European Representation in Italy, on May 9, Europe Day  and all of the winners will participate in an unforgettable Boot Camp in Pollica this summer!

“Leave the deceptions to the practitioners of small life,

think that life is colossal.

Be the boys and girls of the prodigy.”

Thanks to the great poet, Franco Arminio, who was with us for this two-day event.