The EIT Food Journalism Award on Food & Sustainability comes to Italy

The EIT Food Journalism Award on Food & Sustainability comes to Italy

After the success of the Spanish edition in 2019, the first edition of the Italian Journalism Award’s purpose is to encourage work from media professionals (Press, Radio, Television or Internet) associated with agri-food values, and particularly those that constitute the objective of this Award.

Healthy and affordable food, sustainability in agri-food, food innovation, consumer-oriented food, digitization in agri-food are some of the themes that the writers should cover.

Aimed at professionals from the Italian media, this award aims to encourage those works that contribute to educate society on the values ​​of healthier eating and improving agri-food sustainability. The award is organized in collaboration with the Italian Union of  Journalists’ Associations in Agriculture, Food, Environment, Territory, Forests, Fishing, Renewable Energy (UNAGA).

Once evaluated by a jury composed of experts and professionals in the food and media sector, EIT Food will award the first and second work with a prize of 1,500 and 700 euros. The award ceremony will happen in an unprecedented online-offline formula on December 17th, through the social media channels of the Award’s partners.

The virtual stage will alternate with the physical one of our Scuderia – Future Food Living Lab. Future Food is also in charge  of the services for the management, production and communication of the award in Italy, as technical secretary. In order to submit your work follow the instructions available HERE