Nobody objects to eating something delicious; people need to understand how to prepare better foods and create tasty and nutritious dishes as desirable and crave-able as the ultra-processed foods. To create delicious and climate-beneficial food products, knowledge about properties of available ingredients (regional and in season,) and how to apply techniques that bring out the best flavors. Recipes are the final step of a process instead of the beginning.

[Mediterranean Foodscape]: Culinary success factors are design principles that empower to think individually from the start and break from traditions and the conventional use of recipes. It provides a fundamental understanding of the ‘material’ that you work with and raises awareness of the role in the food system. It enables us to design delicious dishes regarding the consequences of the plate for the consumer (nutritional) and planet (sustainability).

[Nutrition for All]: The consumer needs help with the preparation of tasty meals – with much less meat. If we want to change the current food system, we need to educate differently. To successfully design, we need to learn about new ingredients and their properties. There are plenty of plants that form a natural source of proteins for consumers’ everyday recipes only by adding a hint of creativity.

Participants will interpret the essence of taste and tasting, food composition, culinary success factors, and food pairing to get a deeper understanding of liking and deliciousness. Creativity and experimenting empower innovation and is the core for finding desired solutions for the future.