World Environment Day is around the corner

For too long human beings have pretended that natural resources were to service economic development. But considering nature as a mere commodity to be exploited has a price.

Overexploitation of the soils has led us to unproductive lands. Overconsumption of freshwater has exacerbated water stress and scarcity. Heavy dependency on fossil fuels has increased global warming that, together with extreme climate-related events, compromise our ability to produce adequate quantities of nutritious food for an increasing population. Large-scale deforestation and invasion of natural ecosystems has accelerated the rate of virus spillover, from biodiversity to human. Nature is at the basis of human development and if we really want to prosper we need to bring Nature back into our conversations, decisions, policies, development patterns. This year, in the particular period of time we are living in, we have the chance to develop a new awareness, a deeper consciousness on the value that biological diversity has in our lives.

This is the starting point of a new series of Food is a Conversation events that Future Food Institute will launch from Japan, Italy and USA on June 5 to celebrate the World Environment Day, focused this year on the topic of biodiversity and on its preservation to enhance human and Planet’s health in a systemic and multilayered approach.

Who is joining our virtual stages all over the world?

Let’s check it out!


JAPAN 🇯🇵 – 11 AM CET/6 PM JST Moderator: Chris Krause, Director at Future Food Kyobashi Living Lab The guest will be Ian Shimizu, Environmentalist, Activist, Entrepreneur & Director at weMORI

The event will be live broadcast: 👉 On the Future Food Institute YouTube channel ( 👉 On the Future Food Japan Facebook page (

ITALY 🇮🇹 – 6 PM CET Moderator: Francesco Castellana, Community Manager at Future Food Institute The guests will be: – Alberto Barbari, Head of Digital Innovation at Legambiente Modena – Gabriele Garavini, Founder and CTO of BEEing The event will be live broadcast: 👉 On the Future Food Institute YouTube channel ( 👉 On the Future Food Italia Facebook page ( SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are open at this link: