Future Food Institute and Moody’s Foundation, together making a difference

Last December, we were honored to become part of Moody’s Foundation partner portfolio. Becoming the first Italian company to obtain a grant in the carbon project sector. Thanks to this collaboration, we are supporting the agroforestry carbon project “Fazenda São Paulo” in Brazil, generating positive environmental and social impacts. 
The project is improving and enriching degraded land in the area of Mato Grosso, developing a 478,000-eucalyptus forest, restoring 287 hectares of native savannah, helping to capture 33,314 tones of CO2e every year. Fostering this way, the area’s biodiversity and fauna. 

The project is also creating new jobs opportunities for forest workers that leads to an improvement on the quality of their life and their families, due to a better income, training activities, pleasant and safe work environment. 
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