#goodaftercovid19: Should Science and Spirituality take a front seat?

#goodaftercovid19: Should Science and Spirituality take a front seat?

Join our Fishbowl #5 Thursday May 7, 2-4pm CET Should science AND spirituality take a front seat?

Conversation starters:

De Kai – Professor and Musician, Google ATEAC Advisory Board member

Kim Polman – Co-founder & Chair of Reboot the Future

Alberto Villoldo – Author, Shaman, Teacher

Valentina Rotondi – Postdoctoral Scholar at University of Oxford


Sara Roversi – Founder of Future Food Institute

45 days ago, at the very beginning of the global spread of Covid-19, we started a series of conversations that we have called #goodaftercovid19. Our intentions is to understand how to plant, grow and harvest the best seeds NOW for a better world after this incredibly dramatic and profoundly changing challenge that Covid-19 has prompted. We believe that this is the time to get together and gather the 20% of people and networks that are needed to trigger the tipping point leading to a better world inspired by the SDGs. A group of global thought leaders (a community that now has involved over 100 individuals) decided to run public online conversations using a fishbowl facilitation. In a nutshell this means that we choose a question, three people to start the conversation and then we involve a group of up to 40 people to grow the conversation together by talking one at a time in service of the conversation. This normally lasts 2 hours.

You can find the recordings on this playlist on YouTube and on the website of the initiative: www.goodaftercovid19.org

We have talked about what we want to change (1), what values can inspire the change (2), how a generation like the Millennials can support the change (3), what are the actions needed to trigger the change (4).

We now want to talk about: Should science AND spirituality take a front seat? Have we lost the balance between technology, science, nature and spirituality that existed before the modern economy evolved?

Fishbowl No. 5 wants to have a constructive dialogue among those disciplines to address the current humanitarian challenges, in order to find a better balance between them that could make a difference as we rebuild the world’s economy.

There will then be a group of around 30 thought leaders contributing to the conversation and hundreds of people following the livestream on YouTube. Every conversation we have started has inspired incredible actions and new collaborations to happen. Those actions and collaborations have inspired new conversations to take place. Conversations and Actions that feed each other is what will take us into the next better version of ourselves and the world around us.

We count on you and your courageous and generous contribution! Will you be with us?

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