Regenerating ecosystems through tangible actions: Future Food Institute goes to COP25

Regenerating ecosystems through tangible actions: Future Food Institute goes to COP25

Future Food Institute has been chosen by the Ministry for the Environment as one of the Italian excellences to be brought to the Italian Pavilion of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change, COP 25.

The aim that we were selected for was the presentation of the tool that we developed this year during our Future Food for Climate Change bootcamps launched this summer together with FAO: the Food for Earth Toolbox.

Cities, rural areas and oceans, as vibrant ecosystems that suffer the most devastating impacts of climate change, are the essential starting points where turning inspiration to action in the food system is more than just needed: cities will be the areas in which the 70% of global population will live in 2050; falls in agricultural productivity of up to 30% over the 21st century are projected due to global warming; human hyper-activities are threatening the oceans’ pH and, consequently, the marine ecosystem’s protection.

These ecosystems, where food is eaten and comes from, need to restart from innovative and regenerative actions that can improve models and resources management through a new tangible approach.

For this reason, Future Food Institute created the Food for Earth Toolbox, that allows different stakeholders to apply regenerative best practices for these 3 places to 5 thematic areas (food diplomacy, prosperity, circular living, food identity and climate smart ecosystems), taking care to apply them through a reflection on 4 macro areas: humana communitas, metrics, platforms and models.

In the Pavilion framework, that will focus on the decarbonisation of the economy and on adaptation strategies, our founder and thought leader Sara Roversi will give a keynote speech on the work that we carried out with FAO and will moderate a panel composed by UN agencies, ENEL, EY and many others.

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