Future Food and Image Line launch a Panel at the R2B SMAU

On the 6th of June, the 14th edition of R2B SMAU (the International Exhibition on Industrial Research and Innovation Skills) will take place in Bologna.

Dedicated to the topics of artificial intelligence and big data, this event will examine how these topics fit in both the international and local level.

Over the course of this event, participants will gain access to conferences, workshops and speeches by international speakers, that aim to reveal possible opportunities that could transform the industrial sector.

Additionally, participants will gain access to new training courses that will focus on big data and artificial intelligence as growing drivers of sustainability.

In Bologna Fiere, Future Food and Image Line will launch, in collaboration with the associations Women of truth women and women of Ortofrutta, a new panel dedicated to the digital frontiers of the agri-food sector.  

“The future of Digital Farming: opportunities, cases and impacts” workshop will be held on Friday the 7th June at 12:00 in the Open Innovation Arena. It will focus on discussing both trends and statistics related to innovation in agriculture and the impacts that digital transformation creates on the agrifood world.

Cristiano Spadoni (Marketing & Communication Manager of Image Line), Sara Roversi (founder and thinker leader of the Future Food Institute) and Andrea Carapellese (Investment Promotion Expert of UNIDO ITPO Italia) will introduce a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities offered by smart farming in the developing countries. Additionally, they will present some of the winning projects of the third edition of the International Award “Innovative Ideas & Technologies in the agro-industry”, launched in collaboration with the Future Food Institute and supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Finally, Francesca Nadalini from Meloni Nadalini Company, representing Women of Ortofrutta and Annalisa Morelli (Donne della Vite) will present two case studies about digital innovations for the sustainability of agri-food production.

In 2018, agriculture 4.0 recorded an increase of 270% (Source: Smart AgriFood Observatory 2018) and was worth an estimated 400 million euro in Italy.

This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future and will continue to lead operators in the sector. “Even agriculture lives in a digital ecosystem and provides operators with more and more innovative tools, as evidenced by market research, but also by the direct testimonies that the farmers themselves supply every day”, says Cristiano Spadoni of Image Line. Cristiano continues, “Online databases accessible by every farmer, wherever his farm is located; web applications that manage all cultivation operations, from sowing to the application of a QR Code identifying the traceability of each lot; instant access to technical information that becomes knowledge.

This is our experience of digital agriculture, an experience that is shared with over 185,000 people belonging to the Image Line farming community, experienced every day by producers, technicians, researchers and many other professional operators, who confirm the research data”. Personal testimonials, from female entrepreneurs Francesca Nadalini and Annalisa Morelli, will allow us to illustrate the real implications of digital agriculture in both the fruit and vegetable and wine sector.

Software and innovative tools are helping to facilitate the sustainable management of work in the field and guarantee excellence of Made in Italy. “The use of drones in fruit and vegetables is still a little used practice, but with great potential” – says Francesca Nadalini. She continues, “Passing over the melon cultivated field, we can acquire in a few minutes many different types of information that support both analysis (plant health status, plant efficiency, etc.) and decisions.

For example, in which points of the field to act with precision and with what technical means.”   Annalisa Morelli of SO.IN.G, describes the development and management of the company that she now represents. She highlights not only the importance of big data and all the information that digital tools now provide but also the importance of an integrated platform for the correct management of all information.

Annalisa Morelli claims, “Knowing the soil today means providing information necessary to improve Quality in Viticulture and Agriculture. A 360 ° quality that concerns the design and operational strategy, the work in the field, respect for the environment, the differentiated management of the cellar and obviously the final product. In this, I feel completely coherent with the principles that link the Women of the Lives and my way of doing business.

The key role to achieve a coherent sustainability path is that of integrated data management for their best usability, both in the first analysis phase and in the annual monitoring phase. For this reason, the use of innovative technology is not enough, but the experience is needed to enable research to be transformed into practical, targeted, effective and precise actions, whether they are “robotic” or traditional. My business challenge that in this agricultural path started in 2007 when we only talked about the area and the territory, today it led us to talk about the integrated characterization of high-resolution corporate soils in numerous Italian farms ”.  

The appointment will also demonstrate solutions, made available by the market, that assist operators in the sector to improve their use of novel techniques. Among these, QdC® – Quaderno di Campagna® (www.quadernodicampagna.com), the software developed by Image Line. This software allows farmers to easily access information that allows them to more efficiently plan field activities. This information includes weather forecasts limited to their own farm, the accurate recording of treatments for plant protection and the monitoring of adversities. Reserve your seat.

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