Future Food Zone: The Biggest Novelty of Maker Faire Rome 2018!

Future Food Zone: The Biggest Novelty of Maker Faire Rome 2018!

Maker Faire Rome, the place where makers and innovators of every age meet to present and share projects, knowledge and discoveries is coming back again this year.  

This is Future Food Institute’s fourth year of partnership with the greatest “Show & Tell” in Europe and the FFI  wants to underline, within its Future Food Zone,  the soul of the “food revolution” core that believes the  the relationship between man, technology and food is the driving force for change and a key tool  create a more healthy and sustainable world. It will be an area alive with  innovative startups, events and labs. A place where people can discuss topics such as  the future of agri-business, circular economy, oceans and environment protection, new food-related jobs and the relationship between nutrition, health, food and neuroscience.

The journey of in the Future Food Zone is the journey of man  (producer and consumer) through NATURE, OCEANS, CULTURE, SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY.


Future Food Zone,  the future of food for the health of humans and the planet  told through innovative projects and research that underline the strong relationship among food and man-nature, man-ocean, man-culture, man-science and man-technology. Culture is the main focus: sudden digital revolution is upsetting the consumption paradigms jeopardizing those foundational elements that make food the most vital element of our existence: nourishment, identity and relationships. The Future Food Institute  nurtures new cultural models of research and development, models that think of man, with the use of new technologies as a positive actor of change, promotes Food Innovation, the real turning point for men and planet health actions.

We will talk about “nature”  with the Green Life Lab, the place where ecology and sustainability evolve into a new authentic form of relationship with the ocean’s natural ecosystem.   

Oceans will be discussed with the  Oceans Lab, as very few people really know the huge value that the ocean has  and how this precious ecosystem and life-source is in danger.

In addition “science will be spoken about by the Food Alchemist Lab, a unique space between tradition and innovation that will help make people understand how food has a strong impact on our health and on our emotions.

At last we’ll talk about “technology” with the Food Makers Lab and innovations that give an important role to creativity, which facilitate ever more sustainable and efficient production processes that allow us to acknowledge what we eat.

An agenda full of workshops and conferences has been planned to fully  explore the main issues and highlight the best practices within the makers global community.

The nine programmed panels (Future Of Proteins, Food makers, Ocean, Food Care, Agro-innovation in Smart Cities, Future Food For Climate Change, Agriculture and environment: traveling through Italy, Food revolution start at school, Food Innovation is a Global Mission) represent the permanent LABS of the Future Food Institute (Food Alchemist Lab, Green Life Lab, Food makers Lab, and Ocean lab) and the four yearly research topics (Scalable Sustainability & Circular Systems, Future of Proteins, Agro-innovation in Smart Cities, Food Care & Future of Food Service).


There will be showcase laboratories, each in the shape of a dome, where diverse makers, experts and startups that have been collaborating with Future Food Institute will lead the visitors of Maker Faire on an entirely new journey. The idea of the dome was inspired from the same spirit the Future Food Ecosystem was  built on: the formation of the community of the future and their culture, a central pillar of human life.  

How to spread and declare this big fundament in diverse perspectives? With areas related to the complex relationship of man-ocean, man-science and man-technology, through the best side of food.

All labs’ ground will be Future Food Culture, an education-nourished space dedicated to Future Food world, the relationship between men and culture and its declinations in food sectors. Besides, it will be a connection point for all of the domes themes and for informations, suggestions and ideas in innovation ecosystem.

Green Life Lab In 2050 almost 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities, and the most urgent problem is: how can we get back the harmony between man and nature? With solutions that, thanks to stimulating and innovating technologies, can discover different aspects of life and even the sense of the ecosystem around. From this necessity Green Life Lab is born, the place where ecology and sustainability evolutionate in a new form of authentic contact with the natural ecosystem. The startups that will be participating are:

  • Music of the plants: startup that experiments with the energy of plants thanks to an instrument capable of perceiving their electric variations and transforming them into music!


  • Tower Garden: a vertical aeroponic farm system which consists in the cultivation of 20 vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in less than 3 meters square, on the inside or outside. https://www.towergarden.com/  
  • Beeing: innovative developed products that are used for simplifying apiculture practices available to everyone, by giving professional apicultures and amateurs digital instruments. https://beeing.it/
  • Plantui: a Smart Garden that allows to obtain fresh herbs, healthy aromatic herbs and lettuces without using soil. The automatic and patented system guarantees an easy and efficient gardening thanks to its special lighting spectrum. http://www.plantui-italia.it/

Ocean Lab The oceans are a source of life for the Planet, a common good of mankind, as they are the “house” for millions of species and an economic resource for thousands of people. The oceans of the world – their temperature, their chemical composition, their currents and their life – influence the global system that gives back to the Earth, a habitable place for humans. The water from the rain, the water that we drink, the weather, the climate, our costs, even most of our food are definitely elements that influence the air we breath and that are regulated by the sea. Plastic, chemical residuals and a scarce attention to the management of sea life, are seriously threatening this essential source of nutrients for humans and for the Planet, this has inspired the realization of Dome – Ocean Lab, which presents some innovative solutions for the management of our resources for a sustainable future. From the startups of the sector there will be:

  • Aquaai: startup that offers the monitoring with the biomeasurement of data for the safeguarding of marine species. https://www.aquaai.com/
  • Atlantic Leather: a tannery from Island, leader in the production of exotic skins made from different fishes, beyond the traditional preservation of sheepskin. The fishleather is a product that comes from three diverse species of fishes: salmon, Persian fish and codfish with a vast gamma of colors and finishing. http://www.atlanticleather.is/  
  • Kerecis: the technology of Kerecis, known as Kerecis Omega3, uses the fish’s skin intact, rich in polyunsaturated fats available in nature. http://www.kerecis.com/
  • Ankra: startup that creates products for the treatment of skin from ingredients 100% natural, only from Iceland’s oceans. https://ankra.is/english/
  • Icelandic Startups: an incubator that takes care of accelerating islandese business startups, connecting them with experts, investors and developed hubs.

http://www.icelandicstartups.com/ Food Alchemist Lab New drinks with super-curative and personalized powers created by microbiologists, chefs and experts in toxicology and nutrition. Our professionals will experiment old traditions of fermentation and the application of neurosciences in order to show us how food impacts not only our body, but also our emotions. All of this is the Food Alchemist Lab Dome, where people will experience themselves the connection between science and food but also between tradition and innovation. In this area the speakers will present:

  • Thimus: an italian startup who brings neuroscience outside the laboratories with the purpose of comprehending a brand’s experience impact to the human body.The experiences that Thimus will measure will not only be natural, but also (and specially) to the ones related to the company and business world. http://www.thimus.com/en/
  • ShiliaoBo: brand born thanks to José de la Rosa and Francesco Dell’onze, Food Alchemist and Agronomist of the Future Food Institute, where everything is dedicated to the new frontiers of fermentation. Project developed at Scuderia, a food innovation hub of the Future Food Institute.

http://scuderia.futurefood.network/ On Saturday October 13th at 4 pm there will be a workshop dedicated to the introduction of nutraceuticals through the SHILIAO.BO Ecosystem, directed by our experts José De La Rosa Morón and Francesco dell’Onze. Moreover, on Friday October 12th at 14.30, the Neuro Food Lab will show how technologies can analyze the waves emitted naturally from our brain, among which for example Alpha waves, those that indicate the presence of positive thoughts, of serenity and liking: depending on the cerebral area in which they are detected, it is possible to acknowledge what emotions have been experienced in our brain. Food Makers Lab Food Innovation manifests itself in diverse ways, and the Food Makers are one of the main interprets. 3D printing, sensors, robotic, the new technologies that allow us to know more about food, and to enjoy it in new ways by modifying the way we cook. Raw materials are transformed into food, becoming a design presented directly on a dish. This is the perfect area for discovering all the new high-tech trends, to taste the alimentary revolution with the eyes, the ones that will be on your table from now on in the next years. Here there will be:

  • Beyond Meat: a real worldwide protein revolution through a vegan hamburger 100% made with alternative proteins of vegetable origin. Beyond Burger is a hamburger that has the same taste and texture of a meat burger. Beyond Meat’s purpose is to create a “no meat” burger with the same aspect, smell and consistency of a cow’s meat burger. https://beyondmeat.com/
  • Renewal Mill: Did you know that 40% of the food produced around the world is not consumed? Renewal Mill is an american startup with a 100% sustainable philosophy with the objective of recycling food waste, saving water and reducing harmful emissions. Do you want to leave a better world? With Renewal Mill its possible! http://www.renewalmill.com/
  • Nima: Nima is a portable dispositive that allows people to test their food in order to know if it contains gluten, an innovative product that allows consumers to truly know their food. Nima believes that a meal moment should be pleasurable and with good company, without the preoccupation of eating toxic or allergenic components. https://nimasensor.com
    • Ripples: The Ripple Maker is a revolutionary printer that prints beautiful high definition images and messages on the foam of beverages like coffee or cocktails. http://www.coffeeripples.com/
    • PancakeBot: is the first food printer, able to print pancakes by directly placing the dough on a hot pan. The pancake models or images can be uploaded to the PancakeBot through a SD card. http://www.pancakebot.com/
  • SoLunch: a digital platform that allows people that work to have contact with each other, book and eat in a private house during lunch. A foodsharing never seen before! https://www.solunch.it/
  • ValueGo/Penelope: ValueGo is the new integrated system of tracking and guaranteeing the origin of the process of companies for the consumers who want transparency of the products they buy. https://www.valuego.it//
  • ViPorto: is the new Social Network who puts in direct contact the small and medium agriculture producers with the final consumer, sensible to quality, genuinity and safety of food products. http://viporto.it/
  • Waste2Value: is a product born from reusing food waste of a commercial center (like coffee filters or orange skins) in optimum conditions to be used in another way. http://wastetovalue.it/

Everyday there will be show cooking & talks, in which our experts will experiments with food technologies and tradition, considering food as a new area of ​​development. FOOD MAKERS There are other projects presented inside the domes, which explore their creations on a series of stands presented at the Future Food Zone! These are some participations!

    • Agricolus: a startup that creates solutions for supporting the introduction of advanced technology for agriculture. Their mission is to optimize the agriculture practices by supporting farmers and operators from the agricole world with Agritech instruments, accessible and easy to use. https://www.agricolus.com/
    • Authentico: an app that analyzes gastronomic products by reading the code bar and verifying their italian provenance. http://www.authentico-ita.org/
    • Chokkino: a natural drink, an alternative for the traditional coffee, composed only of water and cacao. The cacao in this products contains 400 biologically active molecules which make this product highly beneficial and nutritious. https://www.chokkino.com/
    • Crické: produces and commercializes new food products based on insects – healthy, tasty and highly sustainable. With Crické the traditional mediterranean gastronomy works with a new ingredient, healthy and versatile: cricket’s flour. https://crickefood.com/
    • D’Adone: a startup that has created a particular topology of a vegetable dice made by recycling the unused parts of vegetables during the industrial food process.
    • Dotfarm: an innovative talking startup, produces and works with digital optic. It researches and experiments with human interaction technology. https://www.dot-farm.net/  
    • Funghi Espresso: a startup with the purpose of producing fresh fungi in a sustainable and natural way by using the leftover of coffee filters from local bars and restaurants so it can be used as a substrate for cultivation. http://www.funghiespresso.com/
    • Hands on Food: a startup that is creating the first kitchen wearable which gives food artisans a dispositive for measuring the evolution of the workflow, by helping to organize and monitor the operations to be completed in the space of the preparation of dishes. https://handsonfood.nz/     


  • HotBoxFood: the most advanced dispositive in the world for delivering hot food at home. Thanks to its temperature system, it allows to carry hot food and beverages during the transportation stage from the restaurant to the customer’s house! http://hotboxfood.it/
  • MioBio: an electrodomestic for biological cultivation, allows indoor cultivation with the help of a system that guarantees irrigation, ventilation and illumination automatically. http://www.miobio.bio/#
  • Music of the plants: startup that experiments with the energy of plants thanks to an instrument capable of perceiving their electric variations and transforming them into music! http://www.musicoftheplants.com/
  • ReGenius Loci: born with the idea of bringing back a city’s nature through an innovative cultivation hydroponic system. Through this type of cultivation is possible to produce vegetables, fishes and crustaceans with zero impact and with a reduced water consumption.


    • Wenda: a unique and simple platform for the support of business decisions for tracking the integrity of food and beverages in the supply chain. http://www.wenda.com/


  • XFarm: a platform that helps farmers to manage their own farms by improving the data management in an easy and intuitive way. https://www.xfarm.ag/

PANELS & CONFERENCES [HACKATHON OPENING CONFERENCE] > HACK FOOD FOR CLIMATE CHANGE OPENING CONFERENCE DATE: Friday 12th at 15.00 50’ talk + 10’ Q&A LOCATION:  HACKATHON AREA IN THE FUTURE FOOD ZONE LANGUAGE: ITALIAN/ENGLISH The Future Food Zone’s conference introduces the “Hack Food For Climate Change” Hackathon, a real challenge with the main purpose of innovating and finding best practices for the revaluation and reduction  of food waste. The “Human Centered Innovation” model is inspired by tech hackathons, already well-known in Silicon Valley, and it aims to increase the innovation process and a deeper awareness on the topic. The Hackathon will involve many high school students from different backgrounds, considering that contamination is a fundamental ingredient to limit the danger of inbreeding and to feed the creative process. Topics as green, design, food and tech will lead the flow of the game, in which students will live a 2 days experience of brainstorming on finding the best innovation and development solutions in the field. https://2018.makerfairerome.eu/en/events-en/?ids=483 SPEAKERS

http://www.iftf.org/timwest/ http://foodhackathon.co/

http://futurefood.network/institute/ http://foodinnovationprogram.org/event/future-food-for-climate-change-tour-in-the-us/ https://www.climaterealityproject.org/  

  • Massimiliano Ventimiglia – Founder Onde Alte


  • Francesco Malaguti CAMST




https://www.wur.nl/en/wageningen-university.htm .

  • Nataly Guataquira Sarmiento Climate Leader, Systemic and Sustainable Designer


https://www.unifg.it/ https://vazapp.it/?lang=en   [PANEL] > FUTURE OF PROTEINS DATE: Friday 12th at 15.30 50’ talk + 10’ Q&A LOCATION: ROOM 4 – Pavillion 4 LANGUAGE: English ABSTRACT The future of proteins is wide, multi-stakeholder and presents various options. Why? Because a change is needed. With the predicted substantial increase in meat demand, we will quickly run out of production capacity. Secondly, world meat production at present is contributing between 15% and 24% of total current greenhouse gas emissions; more meat consumption means more animals raised and killed for meeting the demand; and finally, public health problems surrounding livestock production and consumption are proved. There is the need for food leaders and cutting-edge organisations working on lead or follow innovative trends in order to be able to innovate the market. https://2018.makerfairerome.eu/en/events-en/?ids=267 SPEAKERS Moderator: Anusha Murthy – Edible Issueshttps://twitter.com/edibleissues

[TALK] > FOOD MAKERS DATE: Saturday 13th at 10.30 50’ talk + 10’ Q&A LOCATION: ROOM 4 – Pavillion 4 LANGUAGE: English ABSTRACT Edible Innovations, professionals with the goal of improving the worldwide food system, from production to distribution, from consumption to shopping, giving new opportunities to this sector by smart solutions, big data and amazing creations. All that we’re talking about is conceived in a sustainable and food-safe way, in order to make communities aware of our future nutrition. In this panel we will explore food trends from makers! https://2018.makerfairerome.eu/en/events-en/?ids=269 SPEAKERS

  [PANEL] > OCEAN LIFE DATE: Saturday 13th at 12.00 50’ talk + 10’ Q&A LOCATION: ROOM 4 – Pavillion 4 LANGUAGE: English ABSTRACT Though many of the environmental problems seem insurmountable, we as individuals can take action to help save our blue planet. From eating sustainably caught fish, to cutting out single-use plastics, to upcycling fish byproducts generally thrown away, there is plenty we can do to look after our “Blue Planet”. https://2018.makerfairerome.eu/en/events-en/?ids=268 SPEAKERS Moderator: Ingi  Björn Sigurðsson – Future Food Iceland Ambassador – Icelandic Startup                      http://www.icelandicstartups.com/

[PANEL] > FOOD REVOLUTION STARTS AT SCHOOL DATE: Saturday 13th at 14.00 50’ talk + 10’ Q&A LOCATION: ROOM 4 – Pavillion 4 LANGUAGE: English ABSTRACT Food is the essential instrument for breaking walls and exploring new cultures, at the same time food education is a preventive instrument. Starting with a laboratory with technology, sensors, species, 3d printed greenhouses, they can explore the world, experiment with a circular economy prototype by using the waste and giving it anew life. Through science and chemistry they can discover the potential of food and learn the basic principles for transforming food into a “cure”. https://2018.makerfairerome.eu/en/events-en/?ids=472 SPEAKERS Moderator: Christopher Paige, UHN Research                    https://www.uhnresearch.ca/



[PANEL] > AGRO-INNOVATION IN SMART CITIES DATE: Saturday 13th at 16.00 50’ talk + 10’ Q&A LOCATION: ROOM 4 – Pavillion 4 LANGUAGE: English ABSTRACT More than the 50% of the world’s population live in a city; this number will increase to 66% by 2050. The main problem is to offer healthy and sustainable food. Many are the projects and novelties that are revolutionizing the farm sector, but is also necessary that organizations get involved and find solutions. https://2018.makerfairerome.eu/en/events-en/?ids=479 SPEAKERS Moderator: Murray Elphick,  Food Innovation programhttp://foodinnovationprogram.org/


  • Linesh Pillai – Founder and CEO UGF Farms


  • Renato Reggiani – Founder Biopic


  • Michela di Nuzzo – Founder di Dotfarm

https://www.dot-farm.net/     [PANEL] > AGRICOLTURA, AMBIENTE E INNOVAZIONE: UN VIAGGIO IN ITALIA DATE: Saturday 13th at 17.15 50’ talk + 10’ Q&A LOCATION: ROOM 6 – Pavillion 6 LANGUAGE: Italiano DESCRIZIONE/ABSTRACT Young farmers that revolutionize the agricole sector with a university research that captures images and numbers of the water of our country. In Italy the focus in agriculture and the environment is becoming a relevant topic and many are the projects that are confronting it. Their common ground? Remaining loyal to their country of origin for the creation of innovation.   https://2018.makerfairerome.eu/en/events-en/?ids=475 SPEAKERS Moderator: Claudia Laricchia, Future Food Institute, coordinator of the Future Food 4 Climate Change Program and Climate Leader at Al Gore’s Reality Project http://futurefood.network/institute/ https://www.climaterealityproject.org/

[PANEL] > FUTURE FOOD FOR CLIMATE CHANGE DATE: Sunday 14th at 10.30 50’ talk + 10’ Q&A LOCATION: ROOM 4 – Pavillion 4 LANGUAGE: English ABSTRACT Nowadays one third of the food in the world goes to waste. This is a problem of harvesting, storing, packaging, transport, infrastructure or market mechanisms, from both institutional and legal sectors. Organizations must apply more sustainable practices. Fortunately there are diverse international entities that are contributing by giving life to solutions that can be implemented and integrated. https://2018.makerfairerome.eu/en/events-en/?ids=470 SPEAKERS Moderator: Claudia Laricchia Future Food Institute, coordinator of the Future Food 4 Climate Change Program and Climate Leader at Al Gore’s Reality Project http://futurefood.network/institute/ http://foodinnovationprogram.org/event/future-food-for-climate-change-tour-in-the-us/ https://www.climaterealityproject.org/   




https://www.climaterealityproject.org/ [TALK] > FOOD INNOVATION IS A GLOBAL MISSION DATE: Sunday 14th at 12.00 50’ talk + 10’ Q&A LOCATION: ROOM 4 – Pavillion 4 LANGUAGE: English ABSTRACT Food Innovation Global Mission (a Mission that Future Food Institute organizes every year for the Food Innovation Program researchers) had started with the press conference on April 10th in Rome at Innova Camera, and as promised, a preview of the research results and stories of the most exciting Food Makers met during the tour will be introduced at Maker Faire Rome, one of its main project partners. 60 days around the world and 12 cities hub of food innovation, 4 major research topics (scalable sustainability, the future of food service, agro-innovation in smart cities and future of proteins) narrated in an hour by the 15 moderated international researchers by Matteo Vignoli, the Director of the Program. https://2018.makerfairerome.eu/en/events-en/?ids=473 SPEAKERS Moderator: Matteo Vignoli, Food Innovation Program Director http://foodinnovationprogram.org/

  • Food Innovation Program researchers Alejandra Ramirez Troncoso

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