Tasty tales from the Global Mission in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Here we are with a great content from our Beatriz Jacoste Lozano about our Food Innovation Global Mission in San Francisco and the bay area:

About to land in SFO, I look at the map and see Honolulu. In Spain, whenever we want to say we would love to go very far away, we say we’re going to Honolulu. Even so, I never met anyone who actually went there.

Well, San Francisco is the closest I’ll get for now.

We are spending 10 days here during the Global Mission. Our colleague Chiara Cecchini, Director of Future Food USA, has laid out a beautiful discovery mission for us in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We will be running a marathon from one tech hub to the other, taking some brakes in the coolest farms and working spaces.

Some corporate supporters of this year’s mission are with us! Our sponsors have the possibility of joining the trip at any stop to do and see for themselves what a food trend scouting tour feels like.

Landing in a city where where work has a profound impact in life, I am curious to understand the relationship of people with food and its role in the workplace. Using the word’s of the anthropologist Jan English-Lueck, “In Silicon Valley, work dominates every part of life. Work is a giant magnet that reorganizes life and networks and food is the glue that sticks them together.”…

Read the complete article of Beatriz on Medium HERE

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