Climate Action for a desired Food Future

In one of those rare occasions I could have a chat with Claudia Laricchia, our head of institutional relations and Global Strategic partnerships, who also happens to be a Climate leader in Al gore’s climate reality project, she shared with me her own quote, “Noi inquiniamo quello che mangiamo, e mangiamo inquinando” “we pollute what we eat, and as we eat we pollute”. A simply yet powerful statement that sums up how our food choices, from farm to fork to waste bin have been compromising the resilience of our ecosystems towards changing climate patterns. The problem is, the waste products of our food systems, whether they end up in a landfill or in the ocean continue to wreak havoc in our ecosystems, and come back to our plates as polluted food, and the cycle continues, until the ecosystem can no longer handle the pollution and eventually dies.
The Climate Reality leaders were having a reunion in Toronto with 43 members of the network who welcomed our Food Innovation Global Mission delegation who were in Toronto for conducting their research. Thanks to Claudia, our delegates got this unique opportunity to meet the climate leaders for an exchange of views and discuss possible solutions.

Among the partners of the Mission is ECOALF who is making the first generation of recycled product that is made from recovered plastic bottles from the ocean. Read my last article on our talk with ECOALF:

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