Innovation in Food Waste management: Hacking the way towards sustainability

We are increasingly oriented towards choices that are conscious of ecological impact, and with a high environmental and social value. We witness that tendency every day in our food, the primary form of cultural identity.
In a sharing economy society, it is no longer enough to pursue one particular objective, but it is necessary to anticipate future changes in order to plan appropriate action that involves sharing solutions within the society. It becomes imperative to rethink production in order, reduce, relocate, or reinvent food waste,, if we want to achieve a sustainable and responsible food future.
From this concept Hack Waste was born, a speed hackathon that will take place on Friday the 25th of May at the Mercato Nomentano in Piazza Alessandria in Rome from 10:30.
The designated teams will engage in a mind sprint ,  to validate and communicate  innovative solutions of the winners of the CREA- MIPAAF competition, that were aiming at waste reduction and the use of excess food, guided by inspiration from Future Food and other involved organizations.

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