Educate, Engage, Empower: our Global Mission is on Igniting Minds

“Indian civil society group Walk For Water has embarked on a partnership with the Italy based Future Food Institute for the Food Innovation Global Mission 2018 (FIGM18). The collaboration was announced at a Press Conference at Bologna, Italy, on the 10th of April.
The Food Innovation Global Mission is a comprehensive expedition to research and document the Future of Food and the 2nd edition will commence in May 2018. During FIGM18, 16 Master’s students and 4 coaches will visit 12 cities of food innovation in 10 countries to collect data, conduct interviews and research on four themes: scalable sustainability & circular systems; future of proteins; agro-innovation in smart cities; and food care & future of food service…
…Walk For Water will work with the team during the India leg in July and facilitate better understanding and innovation in sustainable management of food and water, two basic human needs that are intertwined. The entire mission will be animated by the “Future Food 4 Climate Change” campaign, which will feature hundreds of advocates and influencers all over the world, with the support of the Youth Climate Leaders Network, the most important “Climate Co-Lab “of young people of the world…”
The Food Innovation Global Mission is on Igniting Minds, an Indian platform for young minds to practice social service together. The young mind does not denote age but an open and conscious mindset of realizing and accepting one’s responsibility towards society, The article registered more than 10,000 views and more than 5,000 sharing.
Read the complete content on the officia website of Igniting Minds HERE

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