Innovations in Food Supply Chain with Prof. Michael Bourlakis

To say that a lot has changed in our relationship with food since the times when we were hunter gatherers would be a lame understatement. As we walk down the isles of our nearest supermarket, and think about this statement, no matter how lame it sounds, we might want to consider that all the convenience we are enjoying exists thanks to efficient distribution.

As fresh produce leaves the farmgates to be sold fresh or processed, packaged and sold, a series of processes take place to optimize costs and energy use in addition to other variables. As we learned from the IFTF seeds of disruption map, the core strategy for distribution is efficiency.  However,  discovering new pathways for innovation behoves us to think first what efficiency along the supply chain means, and how it is achieved.

We are lucky to be welcoming Professor Michael Bourlakis for the third time at the Food Innovation program, where he would share some of his vast knowledge on the subject of logistics and supply chain management. It would be yet another understatement to say that Professor Bourlakis,, who also teaches at the prestigious Cranfield university, is an authority in this subject. With his incredible list of achievements, Michael Bourlakis is a world renown thought leader in the field of supply chain management.

If you are interested in the future of food distribution and supply chains, make sure to join us for the upcoming Food is a Conversation to capture some of the insights he so generously shares, and make sure to bring your burning questions. See you there.

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