Are you ready for the Ic-Foods Conference 2017?

IC-FOODS is the International Center for Food Ontology, Operability, Data and Semantics. The purpose of IC-FOODS is to enable science and technology solutions to be built on top of a coordinated semantic web. We are creating technical and computational capabilities on an underlying data architecture of connected ontologies. It is envisioned that technologies built on such a coordinated infrastructure will be capable of addressing society’s most pressing health, social, and environmental challenges. By providing a centralized location and framework for integrating burgeoning health, food, and food system data and ontologies, IC-FOODS lays foundation for emergence of multitudes of novel interdisciplinary technology ecosystems.

The IC-FOODS conference brings together the brightest minds in ontological, computational, and mathematical modeling from around the world together with domain experts whose work resides along Environment, Agriculture, Food, Diet and Health . This gathering provides opportunities to work together to aggregate, design, and develop standardized, human and machine readable vocabularies and ontologies that advance the nascent fields of Food Systems, Food, and Health Informatics. We will explore why we need the Internet of Food, what has been created so far, and how do we proceed.
Our Matteo Vignoli will be part of this amazing event.
See the schedule HERE and don’t forget that you can find HERE the promo link for buying tickets at 20% discount!

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