3D printing is no longer a distant innovation for a far away future but is quickly becoming a viable technology that has been applied in computer, medical and industrial fields. It is also gradually entering our everyday lives with increasingly affordable prices that appeal to the general public. Indeed, some businesses are already experimenting with 3D printing coffee, milk, bread and cookies to customize their breakfast offerings for guests.
For instance, Spanish company Natural Machines created Foodini, a machine that “prints” foods of various kinds. Notably, Foodini is completely operable via smartphone, and users can choose from a shared database to decide on the shape and style of their cookies. The real advantage, however, is that the Foodini works with fresh ingredients that users select, creating freshly made cookies with no additives or preservatives. The ingredients are placed inside special steel capsules, and the machine assembles the cookies layer after layer, completing the order to the exact specifications of the customer.
Other companies are creating 3D food by writing personalized script or printing custom images…
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