Are you missing those long days at beach, sipping mojitos and stopping for ice cream at a seaside café? David MarxDavid Greenfeld, and David Cohen, along with help from three-Michelin-starred chef Juan Amador, have come up with a way to keep summer going all year long. Long after your tan fades, they’ll print you a one-of-a-kind frozen treat using the innovative methods developed in their project, Dream Pops.
With their new venture, the team has created an aesthetic that introduces new textures, recipes, and a manufacturing process previously unknown to ice cream making. “In other words” David Marx says, “our ice cream differs in almost every way from what had so far existed on the market”. Using an Ultimaker to 3D print silicone shapes, they add organic, gluten-free and often vegan Popsicle purees which are then  cooled with liquid nitrogen and served on the spot.
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