Food Innovation Matching: the future of agrifood networks is here

From the partnership between CIBUS [the most important Italian event in the food sector] and our Future Food Ecosystem [the business  ecosystem dedicated to promoting  food innovation],  we are proud to say that yesterday, at Cibus ConnectFood Innovation Matching is born! FIM is a  business matchmaking service that aims at companies in the agri-food sector to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of innovation processes.
The Future Food Ecosystem has consolidated a huge network of   thought leaders, practitioners  and talents, research centers and  innovation hubs. Thanks to our international educational programs on Food Innovation we have established a huge network all over the globe.
The Food innovation Matching is a platform that fosters the creation of an active community of companies that are well established in the market and startups.; through encounters and reality checks mutual learning and growth is guarentee in such a setting.   
This endeavour is fuelled by a constant mapping of technologies that daily feeds the most important Italian bank of startup data and PMI innovative of the sector.
These are the fundamental ingredients for companies that will get in touch with the ecosystem and become holistically aware of  the open innovation paradigm, in order to accelerate the creation of value and propose this value to new markets.
The Food Innovation Matching offers guidance to businesses within the food sectors in defining innovation needs, in co-designing and in prototyping new models, and ultimately the  acceleration of ideas, in high-level vertical formation, and creating synergies with the global ecosystem of Food Innovation.
Here is the testimony of the launch that has took place at CIBUS on Wednesday the 12nd of April:
Sara Roversi (Future Food): “Thanks to the many and varied experiences developed by the ecosystem of Future Food, we have understood that innovation is possible only through a joint effort. For this reason we decided to simplify the opportunities of contamination between the world of research and the world of startups and food farming chain company. Education + Community + Innovation are our ingredients and with Food Innovation Matching we develop open innovation projects together with Food companies, encouraging comparisons, exchange of experiences and why not the creation of new projects.”
Antonio Cellie (Fiere Parma, Cibus): “CIBUS is not only an exhibition, but a permanent platform that supports the international development of made in Italy food. We are dedicated especially to the heritage of our DOP and IGP, to the literacy of worldwide distribution through an experiential path, inside and outside of the pavilions, around territories and companies.”
Antonio Perdichizzi (Future Food, Tree): “Food Innovation Matching provides to the food farming companies solutions which represent an evolution in the way we live, tell, produce and sell food. In particular, the FMI Innovation area presents for the first time a tool built on a database of thousands of agritech startup categorized by sector and technology. The company gives the input, FIM replies with innovative and practical solutions.”

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