Our Founder Sara Roversi is part of the First Ever Digital G20 in Düsseldorf

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There is nothing that will change the way we do business, work and live together in our society in more profound ways than digitalisation. It opens up whole new opportunities for communication, co-operation, automation, and for organising people and processes. It offers an opportunity to make commerce, work and society more inclusive and more sustainable.
Achieving this requires a vast number of IT systems and smart machines. But (unlike most traditional equipment) these cannot function on their own. Digitalisation requires networks. And networks can only work if it is clear who is contacting whom, how the contact takes place, and that everyone is speaking the same language.
Digitalisation is a global development which affects every sector of the economy. Services are being provided and used across borders, around the world. Production processes are growing closer together. Networked in real time, smart machines are sending massive quantities of data to everyone involved in the production process, across national borders and between continents. Enterprises from emerging and developing countries in particular can find and use digitalisation to help grow their production, trade and exports.
As part of its G20 Presidency, Germany will therefore be holding what will be the first ever meeting of the G20 Digital Ministers, taking place in Düsseldorf today and tomorrow. The event is called “Digitalisation: Policies for a Digital Future” and we are proud to say that our founder Sara Roversi today will be part of the panel “Digitising production for the future – Internationally harmonizing norms and standards”
Watch the live streaming here

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