Chocothon’s crowdfunding campaign is online!

We are incredibly excited to announce the official launch of Chocothon’s crowdfunding campaign! The campaign kicks off with a world tour to present it to key stakeholders around the international chocolate community. The goal is to build a more sustainable cocoa supply chain that is equipped to fulfill global demand.
Chocothon is a joint effort led by Google Food Labs and the International Trade Centre (ITC) with knowledge support from Business School Lausanne (BSL) and our Future Food Institute, aimed at creating a shared value platform to foster sustainable Ghanaian cocoa farming.
Crowdfooding is the platform used for the campaign. Why? Because is truly impactful in bringing out diverse levels of engagement across the audiences this campaign will touch. Coinciding with the collaborative theme throughout the Chocothon philosophy, crowdfunding aims to not only gather financial resources towards this cause but also the knowledge and expertise that can be shared and contributed.
What can you do to help Chocothon? Spread the word to your personal network, raising awareness and heightening understanding of the problems and solutions we’re exploring in our journey.
To learn more about the cause visit the website here and follow Chocothon on Facebook here and on Twitter here

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