FeatApp in Collaboration with Bologna Design Week

What is Bologna Design Week? From September 28 to October 1, Bologna Design Week infiltrated the city with creativity and design. Initiated in 2015, Bologna Design Week completed its second edition and runs parallel to Cerasie, a long-standing international exhibition of ceramics for homes and building that has been part of the city’s event history for years. A young event that spreads itself across the city, BDW is the perfect excuse to explore the city on foot, finding innovative and attractive cultural events, exhibitions, installations and talks. 1-b0inxfulxegmi5fhyr7d-a Feat with Bologna Design Week Since BDW focuses mostly on physical and tangible aspects of design, we decided to take FeatApp off the screen and present an analog version that could be appreciated by anyone in Bologna over the course of the weekend. The premise was simple: At two main locations of BDW (Corte Isolani and Ex Ospedale Bastardini), participants could find the Feat set-up with pins, flyers and a pamphlet to introduce FeatApp. Everyone was invited to take a pin and put it on, then go on their way to enjoy the offerings around the city. At the same time, our #featchef, a very charming magician stationed at anyone of the five main BDW locations around the city, was on the lookout to work his magic, transforming steps into real food rewards. When a Feat pin met our #featchef, the walkers were automatically rewarded with a 2 for 1 food prize at participating locations. FeatApp in analog was a way for anyone to engage in the Feat concept and further explore the city on foot. Our Goals FeatApp is an active app that encourages healthy behavior, like walking, and can be accessed by anyone. BDW is a cultural event open to the public spread across the Bologna city. With the analog version of FeatApp, our goal was to further incentivize people to experience Bologna and BDW by exploring and going around the city on foot. 1-oq52n0zumeu4zdehik0aga The Outcome in Numbers Throughout the weekend 300 pins were distributed to city walkers, meaning 300 people who had a chance to experience the FeatApp in analog. They were able to redeem their 2×1 rewards at 5 different food locals: Oggi Gelato, Stefino, Tortellini, Yogurtlandia and WellDone. Over the course of the four days, 26 coupons were redeemed making for a 4.33% conversion rate. The FeatApp support included 10 staff members: 4 video makers, 1 Project Manager, 1 Communications Coordinator, 1 Graphics Team, 2 BDW staff and our all-star #featchef. The best part? With 300 pins given out and an estimated average of 7,000 steps per day, our BDW Featers completed over 2.1 million steps! 1-zckvfpkbqheackauxweaba The Result One of our goals at Feat is to integrate the Feat community into everyday life and events. BDW allowed for us to develop a fun and effective way to redesign FeatApp and introduce the concept of making healthy change through good food and physical activity. We succeeded in growing awareness about Feat throughout the Bologna community and provided additional incentive for people to walk. It was encouraging to see the support of the BDW community, and also an effective exercise in redesigning FeatApp to bring it closer and make it more feasible for the general public.